Road Trip Adventures Part 1


So I have been MIA. Partly due to school (last semester!!!), but partly due to very last minute, very random road trip back east. But I’m not complaining! Sometimes you have to live a little. Plus I get to see my family, eat crabs (finally after two years) and eat some amazing Amish food. Overall, the trip was definitely a memorable experience and I had great company to go along with it. We went camping several nights and we got to explore so many different national monuments that I really didn’t even know existed and I am so thankful that I got to have that experience.

I also recently acquired my first ruck sack that will be perfect for all the backpacking adventures I want to have in the future as well. Getting that really pumps me up for planning more trips and experiences.

One of the stops we made was at the northern part of the Grand Canyon. Pictures cannot even begin to describe just how big and beautiful the site was. In the grand scheme of things, loo kings a ways into the distance, people were just little dots in comparison.

Grand Canyon


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Story Of My Life


Lots of meetings. Loads of homework. And a paper and a transcription that I need done by tomorrow because I’m going on a trip. Did I mention that it’s only day 3 of the new semester? Anyways, no complaints! Last semester and I must end it strong :)

Going to Vegas!!!!

This week and I am so excited! This may or may not be a solo trip, but either way I plan on relaxing for the few days that I am there.

So make sure you are following me on Instagram and Twitter because I will be updating.

I am still keeping up with the Food Truck Friday’s event and have been trying to make it out every other week. Every time I go, I try something different and my buddy and I like to split the food we get so that we can sample a few dishes.

This weeks dishes include a waffle burger, a homemade ice cream sandwich and some super tasty sushi. I definitely went into a food coma after that. :)




The last few photos are very much random. I went out to a ladies brunch and I recently got a gym membership. I am working on the consistent part, and working to build a better gym routine so that I won’t be so lost in the sauce when I go.




When I get back from Vegas I will be starting on my meal plan and I hope to see a lot of results  with it. So be on the look out for posts on meal planning and prepping. I am not new to the meal plan and prepping, but I now have a meal plan that is customized for me so I am pretty excited to see what this plan will do for me.

Do you follow any kind of meal plan or diet?